A Simple Buyer’s Guide On Homes For Sale In St. John

Do you wish to wake up to the sound of waves, and endless ocean views? Look no further than St. John, in the US Virgin Islands. This bustling city is rich in culture, natural beauty, and numerous homes for sale. Whether you are looking for an upgrade or a first-time buyer, there is a wide range of homes available to suit your needs. Unfortunately, the home-buying process can be complex and overwhelming. To help you navigate the St. John real estate market, this post looks into everything you should know as a homebuyer in this city. Read on!

How Is the Housing Market in St. John?

St. John’s real estate market offers a variety of properties for sale perched on hills and overlooking the natural beauty of the ocean. Property owners will have a great time walking along Trunk By, renowned for its underwater nature trail and pristine sands, Hawksnest Beach, and Cinnamon Bay.

Whatever property type you want, there is something for everybody in St. John. The city is home to a wide selection of properties, ranging from cozy townhouses and single-family homes to luxury homes and condos.

As of September 2023, home prices were up 3.6% compared to last year, selling for an average price of $430,000. Typically, homes in the area stay for about 59 days on the market.

What are the Best Neighborhoods to Buy a Home in St. John?

When it comes to purchasing a property, location is crucial. St. John’s is a huge city with several diverse neighborhoods, each with a certain appeal. When shopping for home for homes for sale in St. John USVI, explore the following neighborhoods:


Downtown is the city’s core, with numerous cultural attractions, restaurants, and shopping centers. The area is also popular for individuals seeking a traditional home with lots of character because it is also home to numerous historic buildings.

East End

East End is a family-friendly community with numerous schools and parks nearby. It also has some of the best luxury homes in St. John, featuring vast yards and spectacular waterfront views.

West End

The West End is a more economical neighborhood, offering a range of townhouses and single-family homes. The neighborhood also has several trails and parks, making it an excellent outdoor choice.


Southlands is a newer community, with numerous condos and contemporary houses. It is an excellent alternative for individuals seeking a low-maintenance home close with easy access to dining and shopping.

How to Buy a Home in St. John?

Now that you know what is out there, you should understand the process of buying a home in St. John. This process is no different from what you should expect in other areas. It generally entails the following: 

  1. Obtain a mortgage pre-approval
  2. Work with a real estate agent
  3. Begin house hunting
  4. Make an offer
  5. Close the deal

Buy Your Dream in St. John Home

Buying a home in St. John can be an exciting and fulfilling experience, but it is crucial to take time to find the best property for your needs. By working with Tropical Properties VI, your real estate agent can help you explore the many homes available for sale, help you during negotiations, and other aspects of the home buying process to ensure you get the best deal. Begin your search today, and be prepared to call this gorgeous city your home.