Sun, Surf, and Serenity: Why Laguna Beach Is Your 2024 Destination

Laguna Beach has been a premier resort destination for years. Its over 7 miles of pristine coastline, translucent waters, and multiple beaches and coves make it the ultimate seaside location. But, the seaside oasis has more to offer than sunny outdoor adventure. If you are considering moving to this Orange County gem, here is a look at five things that make living in Laguna Beach the ultimate homeowner’s dream and why you should buy a home here.

The Town Is Teeming with Things to Do

Laguna Beach is the perfect home for anyone who loves the outdoors and enjoys an active lifestyle. Because of the multiple beaches and pristine sapphire waters, the town is a famous snorkeling, skimboarding, and scuba diving destination. Away from the water, Laguna Beach has such a committed dedication to art that it has been called an art colony. It is also surrounded by over 20,000 acres of wilderness that make for excellent outdoor activities.  

The Real Estate Market Is Competitive

Looking at homes with Laguna Beach real estate experts Domaine Luxury Properties will quickly reveal that Laguna Beach is a hot market. The average home price in the Orange County town is about $4.1 million, with waterfront properties being the most popular investment option. According to experts, buying a waterfront home in Laguna Beach is a wide investment due to the sustained high demand. Because buyers are always lining up for these homes, they tend to maintain or increase their value.  

Laguna Beach Is Safe and Walkable

Laguna Beach is widely considered one of the safest towns in the Greater LA area. Per a Niche Survey, the town has lower than national average rates for property and violent crimes in different categories. This is great news because Laguna Beach is also very walkable. Although you can take a car (and get plenty of parking space), you may never need to. You can access most places in town on foot, and you can travel across Laguna Beach for free on the open-air trolley.

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The Weather Is Great

Laguna Beach is not Miami, but it is a seaside location. The town is famous for its warm, sunny weather, which persists for most of the year. Typically, temperatures in Laguna Beach do not rise to the level of neighboring desert locations. However, it stays pretty warm year-round, with numbers rarely falling below 50º F. It also does not rain a lot, with no more than 20 percent of rainy days in a year.

The School System Is Top-Notch

If you have a family, schools are a primary factor you will consider as you look at Laguna Beach homes for sale, and Laguna Beach has great ones. The Laguna Beach Unified School District is currently ranked first in the county, with schools in the top 5 percent rankings in the state. Because there are only 2,800 students in the school district, the system also offers a more ideal pupils-to-teacher ratio.

Ready to Move to Laguna Beach? Reach Out to Domaine Luxury Properties

From amazing year-round weather and a thriving art culture to a hot real estate market and great schools, there is a lot to love about Laguna Beach. If you are ready to move here and experience the glory of this happy town, contact Domaine Luxury Properties to start looking at homes for sale in Laguna Beach. Domaine Luxury Properties is the leading real estate agency in Orange County and can help you find the home of your dreams.