How to write a lawn care service agreement?

The bond between a lawn treatment company and a client is quite simple, but there can be many complications as you toss in all possible services and how frequently they are performed. A lawn care maintenance contract can be helpful in clearing the inconsistencies that might crop up in a relationship.

Writing a lawn mower contract is not a time-consuming job, and it can save you from many difficulties at the end of the day.

  1. Add the basics

You must ensure that the agreement has a blank space for the Company name, your name, the client’s name, date, and residence address. Ensure that your company license and bonding details are mentioned evidently on the agreement. Include the date the work is planned to start and how often you would work on the yard.

  1. Talk about payment

The agreement must declare how much the client would be paying for each service and what would happen if they do not pay. For instance, the contract might state, “Client has to pay for services by the end of every month. If the client fails to pay after a week, lawn mowing service Alpharetta will stop until the client pays all duty owed.

  1. Underline problems that can be uncertain

The agreement must state who is liable for revamping items like irrigation systems and fencing. The agreement has to be reached about using chemicals on the lawn and who is accountable for paying for and using them.

  1. Outline services you would offer

If you will mow, weed, trim, and get rid of lawn remains, make it clear in the contract. If there is an omission, make it clear too. If the household owner keeps pets in the yard, notify him/her that picking up feces is or is not your job. If you offer services like dog waste removal for an additional charge, the contract must summarize the cost.

  1. Set the fee

As you know that lawn services could be priced in several ways; thus, how your agreement shows your fees may be drastically distinctive to that of another company of lawn care or lawn mowing service Alpharetta.

We have observed agreements that attach a dollar fee to each service, leaving the client’s head spinning and unsure what they would be charged. You need to ensure that the cost is somewhere in your agreement and the clients realize how much they would be paying.

Also, let us understand the reason to outsource your lawn mowing service. Whatever your reason is, you’ll be happy with our team’s impeccable attention to detail as we maintain your property so you can focus on what matters most!