A Guide for Maintaining Artificial Grass


Although many people assume that artificial grass requires no upkeep, it is a low-maintenance alternative to real grass. While synthetic grass does not need watering or mowing as real lawns do, maintenance is necessary to maintain them in excellent shape. As with any other house furniture, you must maintain your artificial grass on a regular basis to ensure its durability and value. A little goes a long way, and doing a tiny bit of light maintenance work once a month may save you a considerable lot of time and money towards the end of the year. Brushing, weeding, and cleaning your artificial grass regularly will guarantee that it looks wonderful for years to come.

When fake grass is installed for the first time, they include a sand filler that gradually constructs the grass. Allowing the grass to settle is critical to ensuring it is in optimal condition when it does. Following that, the grass will need little upkeep. Artificial grass lawns are backed by a membrane that minimizes the chance of undesired plants and weeds growing through natural grass areas while allowing water to drain freely. Given the persistence of some weeds and mosses, the odd one may emerge anyway; therefore, it is important to be prepared and knowledgeable about how to deal with weeds and moss should they occur.

Unlike when weeding actual grass, you cannot use a trowel or fork to dig into fake grass. Rather than that, you have two options. The first is to concentrate only on the aesthetic, removing the tops of weeds that peek through the grass but failing to address the underlying issue. Alternatively, you might use a moss or weed killer; however, you must ensure that the solution is water-based to prevent hurting the artificial grass. Once the moss and weeds have died, they may be easily removed by hand or brush. Moreover, organic garbage like leaves and dead plants should be removed as soon as possible from your artificial lawn. This is because an accumulation of organic materials may clog the drainage system of the grass and promote weed development. You may gather garbage manually, with a brush, or even with a leaf blower. 

To know more, below is an infographic from Easy Turf that shows a guide for maintaining artificial grass.