Investing In a New Carpet: When to Consider It?

It is wise to think well before investing in something. When you buy a new product for your home, you need to shade some money. The same happens with carpets. People, who have carpets in their homes, need to maintain these products properly to keep these free from germs. A clean carpet also enhances the beauty of your home. As the carpet gets dirty with stains, dirt and food particles, usually a good professional cleaning service like Carpet Nurse are enough to bring back the shine. But sometimes even cleaning is not enough to bring back the shine. There are a few signs which indicate that your home needs a new carpet.

The stains are permanent

When there is a carpet, there are stains. Possibly no home can keep their carpet stain free. Wine, beach, mustard and plant food, all these are tough stains. Professional carpet cleaners are expert at removing these stains as they use proper products. Home owner sometimes try to remove the stains with store-bought products and DIY remedies. In many cases these products worsen the stains making these permanent. Stains of pet vomit, urine, feces cause mold buildup. These can ultimately pose hazard to human health. When your carpet has such permanent stains, it is better to replace it. Such carpet would require frequent cleaning which is a costly process. Get a new one and you are good to go for 8-10 years

Worn out padding

Padding is the part that makes a carpet comfortable for you. It also improves insulation and buffers sounds. But it is harder to clean when spills are absorbed. Old carpet padding is also the reason of lingering odors. The signs of old padding are wrinkles and unevenness. Even if your carpet looks clean, it is better to remove a carpet with old padding.