Know all about parquet wooden flooring 

You are in the right place to know all about the parquet wooden flooring, which is resurging fast in Australia. Daniel Cronstrom, a Swedish architect, noted the parquets in 1693 to replace the marble flooring as it needed frequent washing and other reasons. Now parquet flooring tiles are replacing the mosaic that many stopped production.  Parquet flooring appreciated over centuries and eras for its excellent thermal insulation is back again across Australia.  The parquet floors’ visual beauty, warmth, and smell again conquers the Australians hearts and gazes. 

So, check out what parquet wooden flooring is, its types, and why to choose it to make your home or office beautiful and warm and increase its value. 

What is parquet wooden flooring?

Parquet flooring is made of solid wood of various thicknesses or comprises many individual elements with a minimum of 2.5mm thickness with support of plywood or others. Parquet, a French word meaning a small compartment, is more than it to provide modern, rustic, and other floorings because of its versatility.  You can customize your place, your home by choosing the many designs, wood types, colors, styles, and shapes to increase its aesthetic and real-estate value.  Also, its durability forms a timeless floor to last long with proper maintenance. 

Parquet wooden flooring types

Since parquet wooden flooring evolved over centuries, there are many types for you to choose the right one as per your needs within the budget.  The time-honored tradition, as many thinks, is not expensive rather than saving money and giving the best ROI because of its long-lasting value.  Structurally there are three major groups of parquet that include

  • Solid parquet of solid wood blocks
  • Engineered parquet made from multiple layers of wood 
  • Parquet overlay made from thin wood pieces installed typically on top of already existing floors

Also, you must focus on choosing the right type that will give a stylish look for boosting property value.  The following are some of the best parquet wooden flooring types. 

Parquet flooring tiles efficiently use the sawmill waste parquet to provide a multi-dimensional solid parquet wooden flooring system. 

Chevron parquet flooring is fast becoming the most popular for its classic zig-zag pattern and is available in many designs and styles. 

Oak parquet flooring has all the best qualities of the special species of oak, including its versatile nature to provide all design schemes and as it takes pigments well provides pre-sealed flooring.

Walnut parquet flooring has the intense brown and beautiful nature of walnut to provide a high-end look with luxurious appeal and subtle tone variations.

Reasons to choose parquet wooden flooring.

Parquet wooden flooring for centuries has been the status symbol of rich and famous people worldwide.  It has excellent thermal properties to keep the property warm even during the cold winter months.  Also, contrary to the belief of many people, it is not expensive but reduces the costs of construction.  Since it is available in many patterns and wood, from aged to oak and chevron to tiles flooring, you can choose one of your preferences and budget. 

The above facts and reasons will surely convince you to buy the best parquet wooden flooring to increase the look of your property and benefit from its thermal insulation and other benefits.