Protection – against fire accidents by Guards

Assistance during an emergency- Fire alert

Our Fire Watch Guards would reach the location within 2 hours. They will maintain a log as per the fire marshal. Our Fire Watch Guards can identify fire hazards and alert the building, at the same time if smoke or fire is detected our guards would alert the fire department immediately. Also check out: Fire Watch Guards

We offer services of well-trained Fire watch Guards and an emergency response team working 24/7. During our contract period, we ensure that emergency and fire preventive systems at the building are functional and ensure a safe environment.

Our services towards protection against fire

We offer the best executive protection and high-risk protection services to our clients in both the public and private sectors.

Our services are based on the following

  • We first study the surrounding and the unit of our clients and formulate a strategic plan indicating the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.
  • We customize the plan as per our client’s requirements and preferences to enable them to work efficiently regardless of the location and external factors.
  • Our guards possess the required hard and soft skills.
  • We can adapt and change the working strategy for a business unit according to the changing preferences and requirements of our clients.

24/7 patrolling

As guards have to be alert all the time, we have a patrol cycle for our Fire Watch Guards. The patrolling is customized as per the requirement of the unit or client. A log will be maintained and all emergency exits and fire extinguisher equipment lakewood wa are checked frequently during the patrol cycle.

Compliance of fire marshal

Our Fire watch Guards are fully aware of the fire marshall of your area and would ensure its compliance at all times.


Our fire watch guards are in connection with our head office all the time and in case of any untoward incident of fire breaking out or any other emergency, they immediately inform our control room and they in turn would alert the police or fire personnel as required.


On detection of smoke or fire, the alarm sound will be raised to alert the staff of potential danger and assist them in evacuation.

Assistance to officials

Our Fire watch Guards would coordinate with police officers and fire service men and assist them wherever needed.

Report on the incident

Our guards would provide a detailed report of the incident or accident from start to end.

Such reporting would enable our clients to understand the lapse if any and also for future planning. It is also useful for filing claims.

We assure you that our Fire fighting guards would provide you with a safe and secure environment.