Protocols To Keep Restaurants Sanitized And Germ-Free For Safe And Healthy Environment

After the pandemic, sanitization has become an optimum concern for everyone. Whether it is a home, shopping complex, restaurants, hotels, parks, or public areas, sanitization is the only way to bring the world back to normal. Food and hygiene go hand in hand, therefore sanitation and hygiene become a daily task for restaurant owners.

Now, before reserving a table in a restaurant, customers read their online reviews and check if they’re following the COVID19 safety guidelines. Thus, if you thrive for success and want to keep your restaurant’s grade up, you need to maintain cleanliness and sanitation across the room and among staff.

In the whole of 2020 and half of 2021, all restaurants were closed. Hence to survive in cut-throat competition even restaurants will follow all protocols of safety guidelines. The first step that they can implement is the usage of sanitized mats at the entry. This will stop people from bringing COVID19 germs inside the restaurant. There are mats customized for heavy-duty traffic which will last for a long time and are effective.

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Tips to keep Restaurant Germ Free

Follow the Sanitization Protocol Sincerely

Mostly, we have seen that when a new system is launched, people are excited and follow it diligently. However, with time, they get lazy and start looking for shortcuts. The same happens with sanitation and cleanliness. Initially, people might follow it with concern, but later the staff falls back and starts ignoring many things. The simplest way of handling it is by putting up posters in every corner of the restaurant to remind staff of sanitizing or washing hands. Monitor them and pay them for regular cleaning of tabletops, countertops, surfaces, floors, and different touchpoints.

Social Distancing

Maintaining social distancing is possible in takeaways where you mention spots for every individual on the floor. However, in the restaurant, this may be slightly inconvenient. I went to one of the restaurants in my hometown and found that they are keeping the mid-table empty. This is another way of maintaining special distancing between two families or groups. You can also set two tables at a distance of 6 feet or mark the space with tape so that people don’t drag the table together.

Use Sanitizers

There are many types of sanitizers in the market, but you need a sanitizer that is safe to use in the food environment. Placing a sanitizer machine at the entrance gate, cash counter, and washroom is the best way to maintain hygiene. Let’s not forget about the floor that experiences heavy traffic all day. Place sanitized mats at the entrance gate to ensure that all shoes are sanitized before entering. You can also use disinfectant while mopping the floor and ensure that floors are cleaned every 20 minutes.

Sanitizing should not be a difficult task if you remember the loss that your business incurred last year. This may be a tough year again, but things will pass soon.