Top Colours for Painting Your Kitchen

A kitchen should always stimulate appetite and give out welcoming and warm vibrations. The best and most common colours schemes used for a kitchen are white, yellow, grey, red and even green. Each of these colours serves a different purpose for the kitchen. You can use such colours on cabinets and other parts of the kitchen instead of walls as well, to give a versatile and poppy look to it.

That said, most people choose to go with white. This is mainly because it is a safe colour to go with. It helps energise the room, keep it fresh and looks neat and tidy. While an all-white kitchen is the staple choice, you can amp up things by adding black countertops or other brighter colours for cabinets and the backsplash.

Add Colour to Your Kitchen

If you are not a fan of an all-white kitchen and think it can look bland, you can always try to use brighter colours like yellow and green. Yellow works well with your kitchen and can almost immediately brighten up the room.

Green is another famous choice and quite deservedly so. Shades like apple green and mint green are most common, along with wood or white accents.

These colours are believed to make people hungry, along with providing a calm and soothing vibe to your surroundings. With white and grey accents, they can pop and make your kitchen look bigger.

Deciding on paint colours while painting kitchen is undoubtedly one of the hardest tasks when it comes to redecorating your house, one of the hardest rooms being the kitchen. Fortunately, there are only specific shades that work best for certain rooms. A kitchen must be well-lit and look spacious, and its colour has a major role to play in it.