Don’t Make These Mistakes When Shopping for Stone Kitchen Counters

Picking the right stone counters for your home can be difficult because of the variety of choices available. You may be drawn to stone countertops because of their durability, beauty, flexibility, and other qualities. And without doing your research, you could end up with an option you will not be satisfied with later. To make sure you end up with the stone counter you desire, you need to avoid making the following mistakes:

Prioritising Colour

Of course, colour matters because it defines your kitchen’s look. And picking the right shade of stone counters can make or break the design of your interior space. However, it should not be your main priority. Rather, you should pay more attention to the stone’s quality when choosing kitchen counters. The quality of the stone, whether you choose marble or granite, defines everything about it. You could find a rare colour; however, when the stone cracks or stains, you will need to let go of it. 

Failing to Think About Daily Functionality

It is normal to get wowed by a Cuisines Rosemere comptoir cuisine made of stone. However, you should not forget to consider how it will stand up to daily use in your home. For this, you need to consider your lifestyle and hobbies. For instance, if you tend to bake a lot, you need a stone that can withstand high heat. If you are a culinary master, go for a stone that will tolerate acidic spills without staining.

Choosing a Stone Counter for Its Thickness

Thickness is not everything in terms of kitchen counters. You may want to get the thickets stone you can find, so you choose to have two stones bonded together. But, this will only create issues. Let your countertop supplier guide you when choosing the right stone counter thickness.

Choosing Cabinets First Before Counters

Counter selection should be done before you choose kitchen cabinets. Keep in mind that the stone will be the centrepiece in your kitchen. You need to ensure it fits your vision before you choose the rest of the materials. 

Not Checking the Actual Slab

Although you can use samples to get an idea of how your stone will look in your kitchen, they are not everything. The unique veining and shading in natural stones vary by piece. So, you must look at the actual slab that will be used to fabricate your counters before you make your final decision.