Top Reasons to Consider Living in Roanoke

In the Blue Ridge mountains, Southwest Virginia, Roanoke is a stunning city famous for its outdoor activities and relaxed vibe. Whether you are seeking some time in nature, a tranquil town, trendy neighborhoods, or plenty of outdoor adventures, Roanoke has something for everyone. If you are contemplating relocating to Roanoke, here are some top reasons that make it a perfect place to call home.

A Vibrant Economy

The Roanoke Valley’s economy is diverse and growing quickly. The unemployment rate is low at 2.5% compared to the 3.7% national average. Additionally, there has been notable growth in the manufacturing and healthcare industries. Keep in mind that the neighborhood you live in Roanoke City determines the average housing costs. Nonetheless, many affordably priced neighborhoods are just a short commute from downtown or elsewhere in town.

Plenty of Recreational Activities

The vast outdoors is all around you in Roanoke. The city and its surroundings have several hiking trails to explore. Here, you can engage in various fun activities such as hiking, mountain biking, cycling, paddling, and mountain climbing. Outdoor activities are also available in the many parks in and surrounding Roanoke, such as kayaking at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens and canoeing on the Roanoke River Greenway. If hiking or kayaking aren’t your thing, you may spend a relaxing afternoon at one of the many museums or live music venues. Roanoke is the ideal destination for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors.

A Healthy Dining Scene

Roanoke offers many fresh and healthful meal options at grocery stores and eateries. The Fresh Market, a grocery store in the city, provides locally produced meals and fresh, organic food items at reasonable prices. In this area, almost every neighborhood has a farmer’s market. Some popular eateries include The Village Grill, The River and Rail, and the Local Roots. Generally, if you are craving various cuisines, Roanoke has an extensive assortment of ethnic and international eateries.

Proximity to Big Cities

Roanoke’s residents can easily travel to other states and towns thanks to the city’s handy position. Purchasing a home in Roanoke will put you in proximity to almost two-thirds of the US population, all within a few-hour drive. Charlotte is only three hours away, Atlanta is five hours away, Washington is four hours away, Pittsburgh is six hours away, and New York City is seven hours away. Furthermore, Roanoke is near several excellent colleges and universities, including Radford University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, and many more.

Find A Dream Home in Roanoke with Christy Crouch

As you have seen, Roanoke is a charming town with endless recreational activities, scenic mountain views, a fantastic dining scene, and a relative cost of living. If you are convinced about living in Roanoke, the Roanoke real estate market has a variety of apartments, single-family houses, and serene neighborhoods that fit your preferences. Christy Crouch is an experienced local real estate agent and can help you find the best Roanoke VA homes for sale based on your budget and needs. Reach out today for more details.