What Facts to Consider While Choosing an Interior Designer for Your House?


Home renovation means spending a lot of money and wasting your time and energy. So, whether you have an HBD, condo, BTO or a landed property you will have to think a lot before choosing a perfect interior designer for your house. Otherwise, you will end up giving a lot of stress to yourself and your designer both.

When you have hundreds of Interior designers here in Singapore, shortlisting one out of them will be a little difficult. You can check their work details on different online forums, but finding a good one is a very daunting process. So here we are going to talk about some tips to choose the best one for your house.

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  1. Recommendations are very important whether it is from your family or friends. However, that is not enough. You will have to attend some exhibitions,which have a wide range of interior designers showing off their work. You can make research on all the top-rated interior designers in this city and get quotes from each of them. You can compare it along with their reviews given online and offline both and then decide.
  2. You must check if your shortlisted firm is having the Case trust or RCMA certified. RCMA certified businesses are necessary to safeguard customer deposits. An ISO certificate can give assurance about the quality and consistency of work. whereas Case trust signifies that this company practice good sales, standards and even ethics.
  3. In this industry, you will find many designers to pick up from. This includes people having years of experience to absolutely nothing. Many don’t even have any knowledge and skills in interior designing. They learn it through some mentorship or internships. Hence, it is always better you find someone having good experience and qualifications in this profile.
  4. All designers have their styles and tastes in design. For example, you will find designers doing themes like Farmhouse, Scandivinian, or even Rustic design. So, you must look for the designer’s previous work. Choose someone with the skill or designing experience that you are looking out for in your house.
  5. Many of the interior designing companies have their factories while others subcontract their works. However, you should find someone having their contractors because when something goes wrong, these subcontractors and the company will play the blame game, which will spoil your whole work.
  6. Many companies do provide warranty or insurance at first but they may be a part of their marketing tool. So, you should get assurance or read the warranty details before you make any decision.
  7. Designers are supposed to understand what you want and not push things on you what he likes to do. Thus, you must choose someone who understands your needs and work accordingly. if you feel they are aggressive and keep shoving off the things that you do not need then you can take a second opinion.
  8. Ask about the payment initially itself. Generally, you will always require to pay the initial deposit and then pay the amount in instalment. Do not trust a company that will ask you for a 50% deposit or the one that will promise to waive off all the extra fees. These signs could be of something fishy that can happen later after you start the work with them.
  9. Most importantly, decide upon the timeline when you want the work to be done. This needs to be done before you even start your work. there may be unexpected delays or issues that might delay the project. However, a genuine interior design company will always try to stick to their timelines as much as possible. If there are any changes then the company needs to contact you with the full details about the delay and should mention about the date change. 

As mentioned earlier, the best way to understand their work, as well as their completion on time, can be done only by checking on the reviews from the customer reviews on the online forum.