5 Quick Signs Your Window Coverings Are Child-safe

Window treatments to make a window more protected from the outside. If you have children, window coverings should be one of the top concerns because little ones often climb on sills and play near them without notice.

This article lists 5 quick signs your window coverings are child-safe:

1. Assembled according to the safety standards

Some window covering, such as drapery or curtains, can be installed incorrectly that children could get entangled in them when they try to climb out through the window. This is why it’s important for window coverings to meet or exceed industry safety standards so parents don’t need to worry when their kids play near open windows with window coverings in place.

2. Non-toxic material

Don’t overlook window treatment materials’ toxic factor. Even though the coverings are hung on windows for decoration, not protection, little fingers still might try to touch or even eat them. If the covering is made with toxic materials such as lead, it’s hazardous to children and pregnant women if they come into contact with the that contains it.

3. The right size

When coverings are too small relative to the window opening, the sill can be a very dangerous place for kids. They could easily fall off onto the hard ground below the window because there’s no one else there to catch them when parents are busy doing housework or working outside of the home. On the other hand, oversize window treatments could also pose a danger to children because they could fall down suddenly while kids are playing near window openings.

4. Solid cords and no strings attached

The more covering has some ropes or string hanging on the window sills, the more chances for children get tangled in them when they try to climb up or play around window sills. That’s why window treatments should be coverings that have short, solid cords (not strings) between hardware and the fabrics that can’t get caught onto anything else or little fingers won’t get tangled into them.

5. Hardware installed correctly

When window hardware is not installed properly, there’s a high possibility of accidents happening like screws falling off while people are opening/ closing windows causing injuries of all sorts if someone happens to be passing by at that time. Not to mention window hardware can also fall down and damage window covering fabrics when opened/closed improperly which makes the treatments not only dangerous but also ugly in appearance after accidents happen.

Looks like window treatment is not just window decoration anymore, but one of the home safety equipment. It’s important to choose window coverings and hardware that go well together and are installed safely so they can be both beautiful yet safe places for children to play near them.