Spiritual bath purifies your body and mind like no one else does

Are you feeling a little down and surrounded by negative energies? The solution may involve a little witchcraft. The coarse salt bath is one of the most famous when it comes to driving away the evil eye, envy and negative energies. However, there are other ways to achieve a spiritual bath. Add bath floor wash spiritual liquid to your daily routine, free yourself from negative energies and find calm and relaxation. You can also add some herbs for better result. According to experts, water is a super conductor of energy. Our body is composed of several bodies including the energy body.

Why spiritual bath

Forget about traditional bathtubs and enjoy the bath like a spa. A spiritual bath is not a modern day science, but practiced since ancient times. It has soothing effects that energizes you, making you calm and rejuvenate body, mind and soul. Under the influence of these ancient rituals, the bath takes on a new dimension. Do not worry. You do not need a deep freestanding bathtub in your bedroom to enjoy a true at-home spa ritual. Follow our advice to free you from negative energies and find calm and relaxation.

Create a personalized bathing ritual

Essential oils, coarse salts, facial self-massage accessory, soothing playlist, detox tea – bring your favorite accessories to create an authentic relaxing ritual. Plants and essential oils will increase the benefits of this sacred ritual. Moreover, to be sure to give yourself a gentle break every month, you can initiate a full moon bath. Remember, bathing in coarse salt-water will eliminates both the negative and positive energies. So, always prepare a second spiritual bath, right after the first bath, with bath floor wash to bring back the positive energies.

A bathing ritual for muscle pain

In the event of muscle pain, for example, fill your bathtub to a temperature between 29 and 38 degrees. Add chamomile, lavender, rosemary in the form of essential oils (between 10 and 20 drops), infusion bags or plants directly picked from your garden. So that the mixture in the water is homogeneous, add a little honey, a glass of oat milk, or coarse salt. If you have a body and face scrub available, it is even better for purifying your skin.

A rejuvenating bath ritual

Fill your tub to a temperature between 29 and 38 degrees. Add sandalwood, orange, rosebuds, lemon, or myrrh, between 10 and 20 drops of essential oils. For best results, do not hesitate to add a glass of wine or grape juice. The polyphones in grapes are powerful antioxidants and rejuvenators.  You can also add lemon, orange, cinnamon sticks, oregano, dried rose petals. Exfoliate your body and face to purify your skin deeply. After bathing, gently dry your skin before nourishing it.

Treat yourself to a private bathing ritual 

It is personalized coaching that you can hire online. A spiritual bath trainer will guide you. The practice begins with a guided relaxation through breathing and gentle movement before slipping into the scent of the bath. This practice helps to relax the nervous system, detoxify the body, gain vitality, and improve digestion and sleep. Indeed, bathing rituals improve health.