Exploring Quartz and other Stone Countertops  

When it comes to redecorating your kitchen one of the big choices you have to make is type of countertops you have. A popular engineered material like quartz countertops Wall NJ but there are other options both engineered and natural. A stone look is a popular trend, and different types come with different advantages and things to consider.

Quartz kitchen countertops

A lot of people think quartz countertops are natural but quartz countertops are actually engineered as they are a mix of resin, pigment and then about 93% quartz stone. Quartz countertops Brick Township experts will tell you they have a lot of same properties that draw people to granite but quartz is a lot easier to maintain and care for. It is scratch and heat resistant, and it does not stain either. It does not need sealing and that is a big thing with granite. You do not get the unique patterns and colors, but sometimes having uniformity is something people prefer.

One thing to keep in mind is that despite being at a similar cost as granite, you do not get the added value to the home, or the same boost in interest from buyers. Buyers still prefer granite which is something to keep in mind if you are just renovating to sell. While you can get quartz countertops Wall NJ that look like granite, some feel it does not have the same depth. With quartz though you do have more colours to choose from.

Limestone kitchen countertops

Limestone is a natural sedimentary rock that has similar aspects to the popular marble. You can get a lot of whites and neutral colors and it is smooth, unlike granite. It is formed from shells, sand and such so it is not unusual to find shells and fossils in the stone which some homeowners enjoy. But also like marble, it is soft and it is weak to etching, stains and scratching. Sealing helps prevent problems but even with that is not the best material to use for kitchens that see a high level of use.

Corian kitchen countertops

Just as quartz countertops Brick Township are engineered so too is Corian. It is a solid surface somewhat like granite or quartz in that it is stain, scratch and heat resistant. It is non porus as well though so it does not need the sealing that granite needs. You can also get seamless integration with Corian sinks and backsplashes, and it can be certified as Kosher.

A few things to consider include that while it is heat resistant it is just to 100 degrees celsius, above that and it could damage the surface of the counter. So really have something to put pans on when they come straight from the burners. Corian does have a uniform look which not everyone prefers, especially if you are drawn to the patterns in granite. There is a limit as well in the patterns and colors you can choose if you are considering Corian countertops.