The Potential Problems of a Dirty Drain

We all have that responsibility to keep our house clean, well-maintained and healthy for every family member. That’s because our health and well-being will always be our highest priority.

With that said, it’s also understandable why our toilets, kitchens, bathrooms and sink should be clean as well. Dirty drains can pose a threat to our health and that’s why it’s important to hire a blocked drain specialist ASAP if this threat is present.

Since the potential problems of dirty drains are located below the surface and hard to be seen with the naked eye, chances are, they are overlooked. But this is not an excuse to just ignore them.

So, what exactly are the potential problems of a dirty drain that should prompt you to call a drain specialist?


Uncleared drains can lead to leakage which can accumulate to other areas such as walls or floors. With this ignored, it can severely affect your house’s structural integrity and even increases the risk of flooding.

Mould & Mildew

If you smell a dirty drain, or perhaps detect those damps, there’s a high possibility of mould and mildew. Mould spores are capable of going airborne and this can be hazardous to the health of the family members. Aside from causing depression and nervous system problems, it can also affect one’s respiratory system.

Weird Smell

Does your home smell weird already? If so, it could be that your drains are already dirty and beginning to cause blockage. If left unfixed, the smell can worsen and that’s not good to everyone living inside the house. One may experience fatigue, headache and severe stress. There are even many cases that the smell is toxic.

Exposure to Sewer

Once the severely affected drains start to involve the sewers below your home, this is once again detrimental to your family’s health. Moreover, the rest of the community may also be exposed to health risks.

Raw sewers are composed of countless pathogens like viruses, bacteria and parasites which can promote sickness to a person and in many cases, may even lead to death. Feces, urine and other drain matters can also affect the family.


Dirty drains attract a lot of pests which are not only disgusting but dangerous to our health as well. Imagine getting yourself exposed to mosquitoes, flies and even rats which carry a lot of diseases. This is one scenario you don’t want to experience. In many cases, a pest infestation can trigger respiratory problems such as bronchial asthma.

Various Infectious Diseases

Dirty drains plus contaminated water carry infectious diseases. Some of these diseases include — typhoid fever, campylobacteriosis from contaminated water, legionella bacteria and peptic ulcer disease, a common problem coming from dirty drains.

Aggravation of Pre-existing Conditions

Asthma and other pre-existing conditions have a high chance of getting exacerbated when a house has dirty drains.

A lot of individuals tend to overlook dirty drains and this is a fatal error. It’s always recommended to call a drain expert for sewer cleaning chesapeake va, not only to clean dirty drains but to make sure that these drains are properly maintained as well.