Most Common Causes of Solar Panel Damage

The invention of solar panels has been an astounding feat in the world of technology. Solar panel servicing experts have even continued to improve these clean energy generators for the betterment of the community.

But even though solar panels are designed to withstand cases such as harsh climates and deterioration, they are still not immune to damages, especially if the owner does not monitor signs of possible problems.

So, what are the most common causes that lead to damages to solar panels? Take note that it’s up to us to make sure that these problems can be prevented if the causes are minimised.

Hail Storms

Hail storms are a huge threat not only to homes but to solar panels as well. While the occurrence of hail storms is beyond our control, there are preventive measures in terms of solar panel installations that you can follow to make sure your panels are intact.

If you’re situated in an area where hail storms are common, it’s best to install smaller-sized solar panels as this can significantly reduce the damage. Take note that if a part of the generator is compromised, there would be a huge loss of energy output. Suffice to say, it’s like the entire solar panel would be totally damaged.

Although smaller-sized solar panels are quite costly to install, the fee for its replacement is cheaper compared to bigger solar panels.

Falling Debris

Even something as small and light as leaves and twigs can cause scratches to your solar panels; not to mention dust particles. While they may seem to have no threat, they actually can be.

Scratches can slowly decrease your solar panel’s energy output due to the reduction of the amount of solar energy absorbed. Scratches can also prevent sunlight from directly shining on the cells.

So how can you prevent falling debris from scratching your solar generators?

One solution is to make sure that there aren’t any trees directly above or even close to the panels. However, this is something that’s not that easy to do since trees continue to grow and will eventually reach on top of your generators. Therefore, it’s best to maintain the ideal height of your trees through regular pruning. Through this approach, you don’t have to choose between solar energy and oxygen.

Another solution is to regularly clean your solar panels with the use of a microfiber cloth accompanied with your garden hose. The good news is that you don’t have to do this frequently as one cleaning per season would suffice. But using your best judgment is still recommended though. If your panels are already dirty, take the initiative to clean them as soon as possible.

Water Damages

Deteriorated seals can also pose a threat to your solar panels. Old sealants are more likely to cause water leakage and may short circuit and damage your solar panel’s sensitive components. To avoid this incident, always invest time in resealing your panel. For best results, hire a solar panel expert to do it for you.

In general, always do proper planning even before installing your solar panels. While damages may be unavoidable due to deterioration, it can always be minimised through proper maintenance.