6 Amazing Benefits of Silestone Quartz Countertops 

Silestone quartz is emerging as the new favorite material for countertops since it’s the purest variety of quartz out there in the market – it’s about 93% pure quartz. It’s richer and much diverse in terms of colors, textures, shades, strength, and durability. Some of the best pieces at sellers like Granite au Sommet quartz countertop have some stunning features that make them absolutely worth the buzz that they’re creating. Let’s dive in and explore a bit about quartz countertops west chester oh at length.

  1. They’re Beautiful Imitations of Real Stone 

You don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars in getting a natural stone countertop. The Silestone quartz can be made to mimic the look, feel, texture, and shine of natural stones. Besides, the top surface of Silestone is entirely laminated, which makes it all the more durable. 

  1. They’re Acid-Resistant 

The surface of these countertops are abrasion resistant. They don’t react with the acids in normal kitchen ingredients like vinegar, pickle, lemon, and wine. So, you don’t have to worry about the minor spill accidents anymore. 

  1. They do Not Catch Stains and Scratches 

One of the biggest turn offs are the countertops that catch oil stains and other stains from juices, coffee, and whatnot. But Silestone is made to resist all kinds of stains. It’s surface can be cleaned with a wet cloth and there’ll be no mark or spot left on the surface. On top of that, these countertops do not develop scratches. So, you can actually use them as chopping boards. 

  1. They’re Anti-Microbial 

When you install a countertop, it is necessary to find out whether or not the material is anti-microbial. A kitchen should be hygienic. Hence, quartz countertops are the best options. They do not catch germs, fungus, or any other kind of microbe as a matter of fact. You can use them to make bread. 

  1. They’re Impact Resistant 

The one thing that should be super strong in a kitchen is a countertop (kitchen slab). It bears the weight of crashing utensils and much much more in a functional kitchen. Since Silestone is made extra tough, this quartz type is a perfect countertop that can last for decades. 

  1. They Come in Gorgeous Varieties 

Silestone is made in over 50 breathtaking shades and colors. Some of the varieties include the following. 

  1. Eternal Pearl Jasmine
  2. Eternal Marquina
  3. Urban Frost
  4. Silken Pearl
  5. Poblenou
  6. Nolita
  7. Seaport 
  8. Corktown

So, in the end, it comes down to the choice of colors and finishes (volcano, suede, and polished) since the quality of all the types is top notch. You can always pick the variety that suits your taste and budget.