Decluttering your house and garden this summer

Did you know that mess can cause stress?

It can be difficult to keep your house clean and tidy throughout the colder months, as we have more things (e.g. festive items, winter coats, and heavy boots) that can clutter up even the tidiest home. Your garden has also probably seen better days as you haven’t been able to keep it maintained during the colder months.

As summer approaches, you may be thinking about decluttering your home and garden. However, this can feel like an overwhelming task, so read on to discover how you can begin to declutter your home – including some top tips for those items you cannot bear to part with!

Garden makeover

Gardens can look a little worse for wear over the winter months, so they might need a little TLC when it gets warmer. If you have old ornaments that you no longer love to look at, you can donate them to create a clearer garden. Check whether your old garden furniture is still functional and give your lawn a good mow. Once you’ve pulled up all the weeds, your garden will look great again!

One in, one out

While summer sales can be very tempting, it is best to practice the “one in, one out” method of shopping. By this logic, when you purchase a new item, you should rehome an old one. Or, if it is broken and unusable, don’t be afraid to throw it away.

Sell or donate

If you are decluttering, you may be wondering what you can do with all your old belongings. Even if your kids have outgrown their clothes or you no longer need some of your kitchen equipment, that doesn’t mean that someone else won’t love your old items! There are plenty of resale sites out there where you can either sell your items or list them for free.

Store inessential items

If you have compiled a list of belongings that you need but you don’t use frequently (such as Christmas decorations, larger garden items, or seasonal clothes) you can store them safely in a secure storage unit temporarily.

Are you packing up your stuff for storage and need to make sure it is securely contained? Choosing packaging from Safestore is a great way to ensure that your items are safe and organised.

Feeling inspired to declutter? Start small and don’t be afraid to tackle the easy jobs first – you’ll soon be able to enjoy a clutter-free and stress-free home.