How Often Should You Call for Pest Control Services

Pest control is challenging and frustrating for most homeowners. Whether you are dealing with bugs, rodents, spiders, ants, or mosquitoes, it’s best to rely on a professional residential pest control service. How often you call for this service depends on some factors. A pest control technician can visit your home first to assess the situation and determine the best treatment approach to employ.

How Effective is Your Pest Control Treatment?

How long your pest control lasts depends on the kind of treatment. Some treatments may need more frequent application than others. Also, some pests are harder to remove than others and must be treated many times to resolve the issue successfully. Below are factors that determine how long you need pest control services:

  • Kind of pests. Various pests require various treatments. A rodent issue may be best handled with bait stations. Meanwhile, an ant or cockroach issue can be successfully addressed with sprays. Multiple applications may be needed depending on the kind of pest you have in your house. 
  • The seriousness of the infestation. A minor infestation can be dealt with quickly and does not require several treatment applications. But a minor infestation can take longer to treat. Thus, it requires several professional treatments. 
  • The size of your property. The bigger your property, the more inspections and applications are required. 
  • Climate. Most tend to breed faster in warm climates than in cold climates. Thus, frequent pest control treatments may be necessary in these climates.
  • Treatment method. Pest control treatments may last for weeks or months. This depends on how rapidly pests reproduce and the amount of property damage they cause every year. 

Why Ongoing Pest Control is Important

Pests are a nuisance. They disturb you and pose health risks to your family. If your area is prone to pest infestations, proactive measures must be taken to keep pests away from your house.  This can be done by investing in ongoing pest control services. A team of pest control experts will regularly inspect your property to find signs of possible pest activity. They will look for evidence that some unwanted guests have set up camp in your home and eliminate the problem right away before it gets out of control. After treatment, the professionals will continue to monitor your property and take preventive measures by creating barriers between them and your property. They may give you advice on how to make your home less attractive to pests.