Where Would You Use Heavy Lift Telehandlers?

Working within the construction, engineering, and manufacturing sectors you’ll have seen different models of telehandlers on many different sites. A telescopic handler offers versatility and purpose, precise, stable movement to help lift pallet boards and materials and to make sure that heavy loads reach those high-up, tough areas to reach on site, without causing damage or injury.

Requiring a larger model of telehandler

There is a larger version of a telehandler though that is perfect for that large-scale construction and engineering projects, heavy lift telehandlers. Rotating or rotary telehandlers (ROTO) are specialist pieces of machinery that are needed on almost every big, modern construction site. There are a few reasons why you might need a heavy lift telehandler as opposed to the normal model.

The first is that it offers fantastic versatility on site. These are heavy duty machines that can perform a variety of roles. What you see telehandlers of this size doing is to provide a combined role of telehandler, crane and access platform unit. This means you have the capabilities of multiple machines in one unit, without the need for specialist tools to switch between different functions. 

Roto telehandlers are also very precise, with intuitive controls and a comfortable setting for the operator helping to boost performance levels and accuracy of task completion. They have incredible reach, allowing for heavy loads to be lifted to great heights in a safe manner. Safety is key when it comes to hiring a telehandler for your construction site. With so many moving parts on any site at all times, safety is paramount and with a heavy lift telehandler you can be sure that heavy loads and awkward materials are lifted as high as necessary. 

What is a heavy lift telehandler?

Telescopic handlers that are built for heavy duty use have a payload of anywhere between 10 and 45 tonnes. They are the ideal piece of machinery on large-scale sites where there is a need for high levels of stability, clean manoeuvring on most terrain, and the movement of extremely heavy loads, which is a necessary requirement on many sites. You’ll see heavy lift telehandlers in large-scale production and manufacturing settings, in mining and on ports.

Hiring a telehandler

It is important to find a company that suits your ideals when you require a heavy lift telehandler to perform key tasks on site. There are many different uses for a telehandler on a construction site, a manufacturing plant or large engineering project. What you need is a guarantee of high-quality machinery with strict safety standards and a heavy payload that allows for high performance and low risk. 

The best plant hire companies in the UK understand what their clients need from them at every step of the journey. You will need the best machinery, the latest and safest models, clean delivery schedules that meet your own personal project deadlines, and replacement/repair policies that leave your site with minimal disruption should a breakdown occur on site with a telehandler or other plant hire you’ve chosen.