How To Clear A Clogged Toilet

When the toilet is blocked, we often use the plunger. However, home remedies can also help but if it doesn’t help you need to seek the help of a plumbing expert like south west plumbing experts. If you are very generous with toilet paper, you will quickly have a problem with flushing: The mass of paper clogs the toilet, and the water no longer drains properly. But there are also other reasons why toilets clog – for example when they are used as waste bins over a long period.

Here are few tips to help you clear the toilet without having to use chemical agents.

A classic among the little helpers that loosen blockages in the pompel. Place the rubber bell with the opening facing down on the toilet drain and press the handle down several times. Let go again and again and pull the plunger slightly upwards. This ensures that a vacuum is created that pulls the dirt upwards. Once you’ve got the loosened dirt up, you shouldn’t try to wash it down again. It is better to pull the dirt out with rubber gloves and dispose of it in a plastic bag in the garbage can.

Who would have thought? Even a standard bottle can be used as a suction cup. 2-liter bottles that are pretty flexible are best. When you have chosen the right bottle, you should screw the lid tightly and cut the bottom with a knife. The open end is pressed against the drainage hole and pumped vigorously, similar to the plunger, if this doesn’t help this is when you need to find a best plumber.

The Toilet Brushes For Clogged Toilets.

Do you have neither pommels nor PET bottles in your house? Then you still have the toilet brush. The toilet brush is used the same as the plunger to apply pressure. The toilet brush is not as effective as the suction cup, but it can be used for lighter blockages.