What are the reasons that your dishwasher is clogging?

A dishwasher is a real saver when you are very busy with household chores. But, you might also face problems now and then. You will notice a pool of water coming out from the dishwasher. It is completely a mess to deal with and ask you to find an expert technician near you. Talking about the causes, the most prominent one is improper draining of water. Even the basket starts clogging due to the garbage accumulation. The severe issue occurs when the sewer line is affected because it will lead to mold growth and affect health.

Underlying reasons behind a clogged dishwasher

  • Stuck food in the basket

Basically, the basket is designed with the purpose of holding the food pieces so that there would be no clogging. In case, the food still traps, it is hard for the water to drain out, resulting in mold growth.

  • Clogging in the drain hose

Water is generally pushed via a hose to pass out through the drain. The occurrence of clog from the soap residue or food, clog the dishwater unit.

  • Presence of plastic plug

Have you ever find that your dishwasher is not draining the way it has to?

The probable reason behind it is the plastic plug that is not removed properly. It has been seen to be a common mistake done by dishwasher users.

The plumbing services

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