Is Your Air Conditioner Not Turning Off? – Know What You Need To

Most people appreciate air conditioners, especially during the summer season. It’s hard to say when an AC will break down. The most common people most people struggle with AC is, a failure to turning off. This issue will affect both consumptions of energy and money.

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The following are a few steps that help you in case your air conditioner is not turning off. Let us know about them in detail:

Ensure the thermostat is working correctly

Before hiring a technician, make sure that the thermostat is working correctly. Too low or faulty temperature is one of the reasons that make the fan of AC run constantly. So, check the temperature and set it above or at your room temperature to resolve the issue. Still, your AC won’t turn off – there might be some other problem, which should be fixed.

Wipe the condenser coils

AC system contains condenser coils that exhaust heat. Dirt and debris accumulate over these condenser coils over time, which makes the AC overwork. With this, your AC will not reach the desired temperature, and the AC tries to cool down the room. So, check the condenser coils for debris and dust and wipe them.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is an ideal way to unexpected AC problems. Hire an expert team to repair and maintain the services. Keeping the unit clean, such as condenser coils and air filters helps to recognize the problem early. Warning signs like the constant running of AC, not turning off, etc, leads to costly repairs if not fixed on time with the help of professionals. Although it takes time, they help to save efforts and money in the long run.

Check the AC fan limit switch

Relay in the AC unit helps to close and open the electrical circuits, which turn on the components a fan. The AC fan works either independently or based on the thermostat instructions. Most AC’s will have a switch to let the manual override. If this happens, the fan runs constantly, regardless of thermostat instructions. If the switch gets flipped accidentally, check it and set it to automatic from manual.

Signs that indicate you need a professional for AC repair

A repair can turn into a breakdown – if not repaired on time.

Here are a few warning signs that show it’s time to hire a professional to repair your AC:

  • Ineffective cooling – warm air and turning off
  • High electricity bills – outrageously high in all the seasons, including summer
  • Strange sounds – a racket or ultra-quiet sound
  • Rapid cycles – turns on, works, and turns off

Although AC repairs are frustrating and a little expensive, it is essential to fix them. On social media platforms like Pinterest, you can find the best aircon servicing company that offers reliable services at affordable prices.