Nan Inc. – Hawaii’s Leading Construction Firm

The construction industry of the state of Hawaii is a big one and one of the companies that has managed to stand out in the crowd is Nan Inc., which is located in Honolulu. If you take a look at the firms, you will see that there are both small and large-scale companies that exist, but it is easy to distinguish Nan Inc. because it has managed to achieve a level of success than none other has managed to do in such a short span of time. After all, it was founded in 1990, which means that it hasn’t been around for more than 30 years and this is considered quite young for a company in the construction industry, where businesses spend multiple decades trying to reach the position it already has.

So, how did it accomplish this goal? In order to know Nan Inc.’s secret, you need to take a look at the man behind it. If it wasn’t for the innovative step by Nan-Inc. owner, the company wouldn’t have been formed and neither reached the position it is at today. Born as Nan Chul Shin in South Korea, he had dreamt about moving to the United States and he changed his name to Patrick Shin when he finally moved. He managed to go from being a common man to become a renowned and popular philanthropist in Hawaii.

When he had launched Nan Inc., he had only worked in the world of construction for two years and didn’t have a lot of resources with him. As a matter of fact, he only had one laborer, but he wasn’t ready to let anything stand in the way of his success. He tackled all kinds of projects because his goal was to transform Nan Inc. into one of the biggest construction businesses in the state of Hawaii and to work towards the island’s bright future as well.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Nan Inc. is the largest locally operated and owned construction business, which has the capacity, expertise and resources for executing multimillion dollar projects. In fact, Nan Inc. has built a reputation of ensuring customer satisfaction by handling all complex projects with complete integrity and keeping in mind the needs and requirements of its clients. This is one of the top reasons that it has received awards and certifications for its work and why it gets awarded numerous government projects on a regular basis.