Why Should You Go With An Automatic Door?

Automatic doors (ประตู อัต โน, which is the term in Thai) look super cool, and mainly they are used by the industrial and commercial environment for easy access.  The automatic door often attracts the eyes of the people. Think of the hotel that has installed automatic doors; they surely increase the beauty and standard of those hotels. Besides, making ease of access convenient for all kinds of people remote door or automatic door has other benefits that we would like to focus on in these articles. 

 So, make sure to learn about them, and here are a few more advantages that you might not know about installing an automatic door. 

The Benefit Of Automatic Door 


The automatic doors are made to improve the evacuation of people during any emergency. Most of the exit door does not offer the people enough space to get in and out in the emergency. However, the automatic door takes less space, and make sure you get wide space for your entrance and exit. Besides, you can have a remote door that you can control with just a push of a button. That gives you a more strategic advantage during an emergency like theft or robbery. With a remote door (รีโมท ประตู รั้ว, term in Thai), you get to decide who should enter your premises.  You can also close the entrance so that people do not get into the danger zone during a time of crisis. The automatic sliding doors also have a range of fire-rated doors that ensure the safety of your property during the fire crisis. So, besides smooth exit and entrance, the automatic door can serve to increase the protection of people and your premises. 

Energy Consumption

The automatic door also helps you to become more energy efficient. You can stop the sensor and take a manual control through the remote, which consumes less energy. The remote control door helps you to save a lot of money in the long run, as the doors only open when someone wants to come in or go out. Besides, the automatic sliding door offers better insulation. That means your energy consumption for controlling temperature goes down. The automatic or remote doors are an environment-friendly option that your business can use to market itself to an environmentally aware audience. 


Now you may think such technology can eat up a lot of money in the form of a maintenance bill. However, the automatic doors are durable and do not require much maintenance. All you have to do is follow the maintenance guide that the manufacturer will provide you. That way, you can be sure the automatic door will operate continuously, making your business accessible for all kinds of people.