The innovation of Kaltra Microchannel Condensers

Now the market offers many models of microchannel condensers. However, no other model can match the performance of Klatra new microchannel condenser series. This is easy to explain: the series is designed specifically for heat pump installations that are used to heat soil and air. Each model can be fully optimized depending on the type of refrigerant and the selected function (condenser or evaporator). Thanks to the unique design of Kaltra microchannel condensers, based on the use of special corrugated plates, an even distribution of the refrigerant flow occurs. This innovation allows for increased seasonal productivity and efficient operation at both full and part load.

Kaltra is a manufacturer of climate control equipment adapted for both commercial applications and data centers, where reliability and performance are vital parameters. Kaltra manufactures products that span many sectors, from commercial air conditioning to data center refrigeration. These are chillers, heat pumps, precision air conditioners and rooftops. 

The designs of the units are very diverse and include a large number of options allowing you to select and use them for a specific application. In addition, flexible production allows for the manufacture of non-standard equipment. Offering solutions to the most pressing problems of the modern world, Kaltra technology allows us to help you change the world for the better.

You can rest assured that Kaltra company offers the highest quality products, as all microchannel condensers are pressure tested for durability and leakage before delivery to the customer. Kaltra microchannel condensers comply with all common pressure vessel regulations, including the EU Pressure Equipment Directive, UL/CSA standards and KNK. Compared to brazed plate heat exchangers, Kaltra microchannel condensers have a smaller internal volume and less refrigerant in the system. Therefore, they respond faster to changes in temperature and have a lower carbon footprint.